Lebanese Marriage Customs

Traditionally, the Lebanese wedding party is a party of family. It is an awe-inspiring event with complex decorations and jaw-dropping cakes. It provides fireworks and belly ballet dancers. It is a time to celebrate the couple’s fresh life together.

The Lebanese wedding commences with a mass service, and the bride and groom are adorned with crowns and robes. They sit on a throne[n]: bench; chair. They are then simply blessed by girls from both families. They also offer high-pitched benefits with noisy sounds.

They are then simply presented https://www.huffpost.com/entry/signs-youve-met-the-one_l_5dfa6e39e4b006dceaa76372 with a gift by the groom’s family. This usually has a gold www.uptownbrides.com/lebanese-brides/ necklace or perhaps bracelet. The gift can be presented in front of all the friends. After they are generally presented, the bride and groom sing a music to celebrate the content occasion.

The traditional wedding dessert is made from barley and wheat or grain. Most commonly it is covered with ornate floral models. It is slice with a ceremonial sword. This is a practice that goes back to historical times. It symbolizes the unity and sweetness for the newly married couple.

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Ahead of the wedding, a pre-wedding party is held by groom’s friends and family. The bride’s family is also asked to the get together. It can be placed at the bride’s house or at an expensive location. This party is similar to the bachelor/bachelorette party.

A traditional Lebanese wedding dessert is made of wheat and barley. It is usually covered with ornate patterned patterns to symbolize good luck for the couple.

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