LoveGeist 2010: What Exactly Do Male Daters Look Like This Season?

A quick overview of the present day feminine dater gave all of us a typical get older and real explanation, a listing of usual needs and wants, and a glimpse into what 21st century women look for in a partner.

And now it’s the perfect time for all the men to use the phase.

Who’s the typical male dater this season? Let us fulfill him!

The Male with the Types

Using a similar trial dimensions into the women (75,000 users), match determined that ordinary male user:

  • Is 25-30 yrs . old (24per cent).
  • Is actually 5’10” tall (16per cent).
  • Has darkish hair (31per cent) and blue-eyes (40%).
  • Opinions their body type as average (46per cent), though over a quarter (29%) of respondents said they have been toned and athletic.
  • Is actually easygoing (43%), but much less social compared to the typical woman (4percent).
  • Is actually smart (53percent have a qualification, compared to 15per cent from the general male population from the UK).
  • Enjoys vacation first and foremost other activities, with films, dialogue, and eating at restaurants.
  • Most likely works during the that area (16percent), is actually freelance (14%), or occupies a management part (13per cent).

And who’s the common people’s perfect woman? Relating to multiple choice reactions, she’s of typical establish (86per cent), features shoulder-length (93per cent), golden-haired (87per cent) tresses, is easygoing (89percent), and possesses a beneficial love of life (80%).

  • It appears that Marilyn Monroe ended up being right when she mentioned that “men choose Blondes,” though they even like dark (85percent) and light (78%) brunettes. Dark locks scored 79%, accompanied by redheads at 59per cent.
  • Men had a very clear inclination for long tresses. Shoulder-length locks was available in at 93%, long hair had been desirable to 90per cent regarding the sample, and also long-hair had been popular with 65per cent.
  • Slender (85per cent) and sports (80%) bodies happened to be thought about the essential appealing, but do not start depriving yourselves, females – 65percent of males appreciated women carrying several extra pounds.
  • Men seem accept females that eyes tend to be someone’s most appealing feature (77per cent). In addition at the top of the desirable qualities listing tend to be “smile” (76percent), “a lovely base” (54%), “nice legs” (52per cent), and “an excellent stomach switch” (13per cent).
  • The best woman loves to eat out, and loves music, gigs, cinema, and spending time on pub.

given that we have now found the common people of, we are prepared to move on to more complex subjects. Next chapters of all of our review, we are going to check out how people on the UNITED KINGDOM and Ireland view online bbw dating service, romance, and really love, and now we’ll satisfy “a new breed of reasonable romantic, the ‘Pragmatic.'”

For additional information on this common internet dating service, you can read all of our report on for the UK.

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